Roothy takes his PikUp on a Shakedown out camping with his lovely wife Karen.

May 3, 2022

“Having taken the plunge and gone for the new Mahindra Pik Up, it’s time to head out for a bit of running in. Yep, just an excuse to take the Karen camping and maybe run the little truck in gently. No loads, gentle speeds, slow gearchanging and brakes – you know the drill! But being me I can’t help having a crack at a little bit of tougher stuff and now even Karen reckons we’re going to need to ‘make it ours’ with a few modifications. Or more than a few. We will see! Got a feeling it’ll all grow from here as long as the Mahindra keeps proving itself. Stay tuned – and if you know anything that works from experience I’d love to hear from you.” Thanks Roothy

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